R.A. Gems was founded in 2001, to meet a need for reliable supply of precious stones. Right from inception, the company began with three values – “Natural, Valued, Tiimeless” which defines our philosophy and informs our daily actions.

We are headquartered in HK, with branches in Taiwan and Bangkok. We supply gemstones of all kinds including rubies, sapphire, tsavorite, etc. Our experts make sure that the stones have precise weight, shape, size and colour in line with specifications.

We source our stones from across the world. We work on an end-to-end business model which includes sourcing, cutting, polishing, calibrating and marketing of stones. The excellent quality, consistent service and trustworthiness has led to the stellar reputation that we have today.

While our products are highly valued, our partnerships with our customers are indeed priceless. We live for this.